Smoke Cloud: A Short Story

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It was a usual sunny day in the high plans. One particular Native American girl named Wildflower was riding her horse through the tall grass. This horse was a beautiful, young palomino. But on this one morning she saw something that would change her life forever.
She had saw a smoke cloud hanging in the sky in the distance. She ran home and had told her mother about the smoke. “Mother I saw a smoke cloud rising from the far plains, I would like to go check it out.” Her mother had told her to never go near that place, or any other smoke clouds. But as the saying says, “curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brings him back.” She decided to disobey her mother and ride to that smoke cloud. I have to go check it out, I will never forgive myself for never going to that smoke cloud.” As
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The rangers saddled up their horses and chased after her. But because her horse was the fastest of them all, she had lost them momentarily. When she arrived to the small hill in front of their teepee village Wildflower announced her arrival home, noticing that her mother had known where she had gone prior to her announcement. When she suddenly noticed the sudden sound of the rangers whistling their horses to go faster. And before she could get down the hill they had roped her horse around the neck and her around her torso therefore the horse nor her had been able to flee.
Wildflower and her horse were forced to walk along the road away from their home, where they belonged. When they arrived to their destination Wildflower had noticed that they were entering a tall gate connected to tall fences, so tall they were unclimbable. Inside the fences there was a barn full of horses tamed against they’re will. There was a coral where the taming took place. And there was cabins were the rangers lived. The leader of all the rangers had told the rangers to tie the girl to the post with no food or water for three days. And told the rangers to induct the
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