Smoked Beef Jerky Meal Plan

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Smoked Beef Jerky Serving size: 1 plate Serving per recipe: 6 Calories: 362 Cooking Time: 7 hours Ingredients: 1. Sirloin- 2 pounds, slices of ½ inch thickness 2. Soy sauce- 1 cup 3. Black pepper- 4 tbsp., Ground 4. Cider vinegar- 1 tbsp. 5. Worcestershire sauce- 1 dash 6. Hot pepper sauce- 1 dash Nutritional Information: 1. Total Fat – 3.4 g 2. Sodium – 39.4 mg 3. Total Carbs – 25.5 g 4. Fiber – 0 g 5. Protein – 109.8 g Directions: 1. Take a big bowl to combine soy sauce, black pepper, hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper. Create a consistent mixture and also include the slices of the meat. Mix properly and cover the bowl to refrigerate for about 12 hours. 2. Get your smoker ready for slow cooking at low heat. Include a little…show more content…
Total Carbs – 8.65 g 4. Fiber – 0.37 g 5. Protein – 26.98 g Directions: 1. To start the preparation of the jerky, start by spreading the turkey breast on a tray coated with baking sheet. Now, cover this with plastic sheet and let it freeze for at least 2 hours. 2. After two hours, when the turkey is all set to use, take the cutting board to trim the fat, if any visible, and slice it into thick strips of ¼ inch. Make sure all the strips are uniform. It will be easy for them to dry evenly. 3. Now, while the turkey is refrigerating, take a baking dish and combine all ingredients as mentioned in the ingredient list. Combination of all these ingredients together will make a brine. 4. In this brine, you will have to dip the Turkey for to marinade it. You will have to toss it thoroughly so that all marinade is properly stick to it. 5. Once done, keep the marinated fish in refrigerator for 12 hours. Keep turning it occasionally. 6. After 12 hours, remove the brine from refrigerator and take out the Turkey. Keep them in a colander; it will drain off extra brine and help Turkey to come to room temperature. This all process will take 30 minutes. 7. During these 30 minutes, prepare your oven by removing it racks and properly lining the bottom with aluminum foil. Also, pre-heat the oven for 165 degree…show more content…
Total Carbs – 29 g 4. Fiber – 2 g 5. Protein – 28 g Directions: 1. Start with trimming the extra fat and membranes from the chicken tenders. Now, cut the tenders in long strips with ½ inch of thickness. For even cutting, you can put the meat into freezer for 15 minutes. This way, you can slice thinly without much of efforts. Also, the meat should be very thin to dry easily and quickly. 2. So, after doing this preparation, start with making a brine solution for marinade. For the solution, take all the listed ingredients, except chicken, and add in a bowl. Mix the whole very well and then pour it into a zip-lock bag. 3. Into the zip-lock bag, add the slices of chicken and shake well. this will allow marinade to stick to the chicken nicely. Now, place the bag in refrigerator and wait for 20 minutes. 4. After 20 minutes, take out the zip-lock bag and separate chicken tenders from the brine. After removing the tender, nicely dry them using a paper towel. 5. Prepare the dehydrator and place the tenders on its rack. You will require to dry the tenders at least for 7 hours at 145 degrees. 6. After 7 hours, check whether chicken tenders are dry or not. If the tenders are dry and have leathery texture, then your jerky is ready to
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