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How to make smokey eyes step by step - the ultimate makeup tutorial Timelessly seductive. The smoky eye never gets old. This type of eye makeup is perfect for any special occasion. Classic black tones will emphasize your features and match every eye color. But to spice up the look and make your face stand out, you should totally try the tinted smoky eye. Even though it may seem a little hard to bring the smoldering look to life, do not get discouraged, because we are providing you with a step by step tutorial that will help you create the refined makeup that would make your eyes pop. Before the virtual action you have to decide wether you want to go over the rainbow with the diversity of your eyeshadow pallet or to stick to the classic black and grey version. These will help you determine the right tint for your eyes.…show more content…
If there are no such specific pigments in the pallet you own, blend the similar ones together! Find your eye color in the diagram and note that the assigned tint on the opposite is the one for your face. Let 's say that reddish or purplish color will compliment green eyes the best. Step No.1 Foundation and primer The first step is the most important! You do not want the eyeshadow to travel all over your face. Carefully prime your eyelid to prevent it from getting oily during the day. The shadow tends to get very mushy and wet, which causes unnecessary smudged effect. With the help of primer your makeup stays in place all along the line. Go for the quality and do not be afraid to invest in this small tube. It will provide the crease-free wear for 24 hours. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion

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