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Addictions are scary things as consider how they can ruin one’s physical strength, immunity, and cause many health problems. They are by far the most compulsive and chronic habits which we engage in; unhealthy behavioural acts that can aggravate many crimes, suicides or even other social problems. Shopping Addiction According to the survey conducted by a Psychiatric Times, only 6% of the Americans are considered to have compulsive shopping. This shopping habit is different from the normal shopping as the sufferers have used shopping as an outlet to help them cope with anger, stress, depression, boredom, self-critical thoughts, tension, anxiety and loneliness. People with Omniomania will shop until they run into debts because their mind is completely preoccupied by excessive spending. This compulsion can eventually wreck families and relationships. Interestingly, compulsive shoppers with this…show more content…
They will also use internet repeatedly like connect with people they know on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, chat rooms, message boards, instant messaging, online chat as an outlet when they feel upset, despair, sad, lonely, stress, and even for sexual gratification. When their surfing time is greatly interrupted, they behave violently, or may feel irritable, anxious, upset or depressed. They feel like no one exists in their real life, and thus they use internet as a gateway to distract themselves from fears and worries. In a severe case, they may suffer from anxiety disorder which will need an immediate medical assistance. The frequent use of drugs can lead to drug addiction or compulsive drug use, where the drug addicts feel an overwhelming need for drugs. Nicotine, painkillers, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, speed, cocaine, sleeping pills are some of the most abused drugs addicts used to help them escape emotional swings and physical

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