Negatives Of Smoking

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Smoking is a worldwide issue that contributes to many health problems and is also one of the leading risk factor for most non communicable diseases. Smoking can be anything that is inhaled into the lungs most commonly are from cigarettes and tobacco rolls. The chemicals that a cigarette contains such as nicotine and carbon monoxide out of the other thousand can be very harmful to the human body. Discussed below are some views as to why smoking can have a very great impact on an athlete’s performance. Firstly as already known oxygen is the most important thing needed for any human being to survive. In any healthy person oxygen is one of the main components the body needs in order to function normally. Athletes who smoke often disrupt this normal…show more content…
As one inhales smoke from a cigarette the chemical that is nicotine causes the bronchioles to constrict which in turn less oxygen is delivered to the lungs. It not only constricts the bronchioles but also it causes the blood vessels to constrict thus less blood is flowing to lungs. Due to less blood and oxygen delivered to the lungs, there is less oxygen delivered to body tissues more importantly the muscle which is the main system of the body responsible for movement and doing various activities. Muscles will become easily fatigue and athletes will tend to tire very quickly. In addition, smoking can be a contributing factor towards low performance of athletes as it hinders their ability to perform to the best of their abilities. Smoking is a drug and people who are into it can be addicted to it. Nicotine is the chemical most responsible for addiction in a person. Sometimes during training sessions if they haven’t smoked any cigarette before training, they will not pay attention as their cravings for the drug increases. Also when the brain, heart and muscles receive inadequate levels of oxygen, mental and physical performance of athletes tends to drop. They make poor decisions during games for example they can get angry at small mistakes and sometimes become dizzy or fainting during sporting
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