Smoking Literature Review

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INTRODUCTION My literature review is focused on quitting tobacco addiction. Tobacco addiction is one of the most common disorders and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in my community. This review is purposed to educate people in my community with lack of resources, knowledge and information on tobacco use consequences and ways of quitting, however biomedical perspective of tobacco addiction is to not be included. Health care workers and the community members were included in the research for reliability and validity. This helped me compare the level information my community as a whole has on tobacco smoking. The review also includes the government’s interventions on measures to help with tobacco cessation. A number of sources from…show more content…
People who surrounding you as a smoker are affected they can get second hand smoking related diseases, they also get affected because of the smell that smokers walk around with even when not smoking. As a result you can lose your friends and probably get friends who smoke, this makes it even harder to quit as you will not get motivation from such friends Physical effects As mentioned above smokers look older than their age, their physical ability is also affected. Nurses reported that lots of teenagers who visit health care facilities look exhausted. Young people who are heavy smokers experience coughing more frequent and re susceptible to many diseases that non-smokers. Smoking decreases your muscle strength and flexibility, your sleeping pattern is also disturbed you can also get shortness of breath. Young people are said to have more negative effects than adult smokers. Smoking affects our bodies in many ways. It decreases our immunity and increase chances of getting cancer; over smoking also has an effect on the heart lungs and digestive…show more content…
(1) • Monitoring the use of tobacco and prevention policies. Analysis of tobacco use and its impact should be strengthened. Good monitoring should provide clear information of the extent of epidemics in the country. All countries around the world should monitor the use of tobacco by all citizens. • Protect people from tobacco smoke Most of the countries with smoke-free laws are only for indoors, nothing concerning the public. Total ban of smoking in any place is the only effective solution to help protect people who don’t smoke at all from suffering the consequences of other’s actions, and to help those who smoke to stop • Offer help to quit tobacco use All countries should establish programmes to help smokers quit smoking, the help offered should be affordable to in warn about the dangers of tobacco Pack warnings should be included world-wide, even via different kinds of advertisements • Enforce bans on tobacco advertising , promotion and sponsorship It is through advertising that most people are given desire to smoke, some are encouraged not to sop. Only total ban can reduce total tobacco consumption. • Raise taxes on

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