Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Tobacco is very addictive but it is never too late for smokers to become a non-smoker. It’s never too late to quit, you almost immediately improve your health when you stop.

Smoking is psychological. At first, putting a cigarette on your finger and puff a little can become a habit forming routine.

If done every day, the moment you have a free time, your body starts to look for something to put on your fingers and puff. Smoking can kill you very slowly. Here are ten tips to stop smoking.

1. Get ready to break free Unless you are under unusual stress, plan to make the break sometime soon, preferably a week or two. You have probably procrastinated long enough. The difference between a dream and a goal is action.
• Decide you want to be free from smoking.
• Choose to be tobacco free. You may be surprised how easy it will be to fulfill your commitment to stop smoking when you properly prepare physically, mentally, and socially.

2. Prepare Physically It’s like an athlete in training; you have to prepare your body for a specific reason. Here are some routine for your physical preparation.
• Get eight hours of sleep each night.
• Drink eight glasses of water daily.
• Eat a balanced breakfast every morning.
• Take a brisk walk twice daily.
• Make an appointment with your dentist and have your teeth cleaned.
• Ask your doctor for a clearance to begin exercise planning.
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