Smoking Should Be Banned In The United States

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Smoking and Tobacco Bans For many years, Americans have argued whether or not the government should put smoking bans in place. A smoking ban is a law enforced by government officials, stating that smoking is illegal, either in public or completely. Numerous cities and states passed laws restricting or banning smoking in public areas and in workplaces, and many private firms barred smoking in the workplace (Infobase Learning). Many citizens argue whether or not the government should have that much control; it cannot be argued that using tobacco products is extremely harmful to not only the ones using it, but to the ones around it as well. Passive smoke even causes severe damage to our environment and ecosystem. The use of tobacco products is extremely harmful to everyone; therefore, tobacco products should be banned completely. The government has the power to do many things, but many Americans suggest that the government shouldn’t be able to police what citizens do. Although that is correct to an extent, what many people don’t understand is that when using tobacco, the damage carries to other citizens within the area. The government officials have been chosen to protect…show more content…
Using tobacco products in public, even in designated smoking areas, causes damage to those around the consumer. The smoke from the tobacco products travels through the air, making it capable of doing damage to all those around them. Smoke is able to travel a great distance, reaching far beyond the designated smoking areas. If the government had the authority to ban the use of tobacco in all public places, less children from nonsmoking homes would be suffering from secondhand smoke, also known as passive smoke. The government should be able to police what is allowed in public areas; smoking in public causes damage to Americans that otherwise would not have been
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