Smoking Weed Persuasive Speech

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It's funny how many people within my age group lack common sense. Even more, if you tell people drinking alcohol and smoking weed at a young age is bad they will actually defend it with no source of proof at all. There is a reason stuff like alcohol and smoking cigarettes have a fucking age restriction, not because adults are trying to stop you from having fun it's because a 15 year olds brain does not have the tolerance for it yet. Throughout my countless visits to the hospital I have been told by many paediatricians how terrible all of this stuff actually is for you. Today, a doctor was telling me about how she did a study over a course of 4 years in San Diego with two groups of young people aged around 14. The first group were the ones who began drinking at a young age, the second, ones who did not drink until they were 18 and after doing scans results actually showed the first…show more content…
Don't even try to post statuses about how smoking it makes you deep and spiritual because it's the fucking oil that does that shit. Smoking weed is almost just as bad as smoking nicotine BECAUSE OUR LUNGS WERE NOT MADE TO INHALE SMOKE. It does not cure depression either. It has actually been known in some cases to trigger mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Don't even blame anyone but yourself if you are depressed and smoke weed because you are chemically messing up your brain. You are experiencing artificial happiness and you will not know how to feel genuine happiness even any happiness at all without it cos you've already messed yourself up smoking that shit. Every single person who has gone off it has told me how bad it is for you, these are not teenagers either these are adults who have come so close to screwing their mentality and their lives up because they started drug use at an early
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