Smooth Transition Case Study

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Smooth Transition: How Mark Tagle Captures the Ultra High-End Luxury Car Segment in the Philippines Thoughts from one of the youngest CEOs in the local motoring scene “More than just high quality and exclusivity, ultra high-end luxury market in the Philippines ultimately values building and sustaining long-term quality client relationship,” says Mark Tagle, president and chairman of Aston Martin Manila. Two years after its official opening in the country, Aston Martin Manila is now the leader in terms of market share for ultra high-end luxury cars, according to ___________. Such exemplary success can be attributed to its main man, Mark Tagle of Bridgestone and La Germania fame, who transitioned from an avid car enthusiast to becoming the exclusive dealer of one of the most coveted brands in automobile history.…show more content…
“Most of the luxury sports cars are already here in the country, but not a lot of Filipinos have experienced driving an Aston Martin yet. Apart from being James Bond’s famous car, Aston Martin has a very rich pedigree when it comes to racing and it will not be the iconic luxury British sports car if not for its style, luxury, performance and exclusivity --- qualities important for the ultra high-end market,” shares Mark. Said market in the country is a niche one and the pool of potential clients is smaller. All clients in this category are considered VIPs and brands are going to every possible length to make them happy. Mark lets us in on how he is able to pave the way for Aston Martin Manila’s exciting future in the region. Personalized Ownership

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