Smoothie: A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Diet

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In my speech I discussed smoothie. I wanted to accomplish the goal of conveying to the audience that smoothie can be a nutrient-dense, on the go meal while providing the body with vitamins and mineral necessary for proper nutrition. I wanted to continue to work on having my speech sound more casual, not rehearsed and also try speaking at a slower rate Along with that; I wanted to continue not to let my nerves get the better of me. Before my speech, I was extremely engaged in the speaker that went before me. Each speech was impressive in their right. After speaker number four had gone I knew I was next, and I began to get nervous and thinking about my presentation once again. To my surprise, I forgot my note cards all because I was under prepared,…show more content…
The sentence leading up to where I felt this connection was, “because of a chronic medical condition and I was initially treating my symptoms with the medication I quickly found out that medication was not the answer to relieve my symptoms. The side effects were horrific.” I feel this information peak their interest on how a smoothie help alleviates chronic medical condition. The body language of the audience boosts my confidence at this point in the speech. It is always an incredibly good feeling to get some emotion from your audience, especially when your speech is not going as well as you might have…show more content…
I do believe my speech went horribly, but there were some positive attributes. I think that my topic connected with the audience well because it something everyone could relay to. Also, I will be more cautious in the future when editing my speech and make sure that I do not edit out important information I think that I overall had a good speech. Overall, my speech was not as fluent or organized as I prepared or expected it to be but I think that I had a vital learning

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