Snail Feminism Case Study

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Snail-sense Feminism This strand was propounded by a Nigerian feminist Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo. Its aim is to be a survival strategy for women to navigate through the masculine dominated culture and patriarchal African society without violence. Similar to nego- feminism strand, women are expected culturally to be quiet, submissive and docile to accommodate the tough, difficult, hard oppression of men(Pompper, 2017, Ezenwa, 2015).As the nature of a snail, it crawls over rocks, thorns, cliffs and rough terrains smoothly and efficiently with a well lubricated tongue which will not be injured or destroyed by these harsh substances. The snail carries its house on its back without feeling the strain and goes wherever it wishes unharmed, but will often recoil quietly into its shell as soon as they meet with difficult situations and comes out again.…show more content…
This strands also falls within the popular traditional category of African feminism which has been said needs to adapt and accommodate contemporary

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