Snakes Reshape The Florida Everglades

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There are many major concerns with this snake. First, they grow rapidly to about 20 feet and 200 pounds. Secondly, they can live in many kinds of habitats. Thirdly, they live in trees, which make them a threat to birds. Fourthly, they are suitable to live in urban areas. Fifth, they are difficult to detect, which makes it harder for them to be detected. Sixth, they mature rapidly, and produce many offspring. Seventh, they can get to high population densities, which is why the environment is at great risk. Lastly, they serve as hosts for parasites and diseases (Florida 's Python Problem: Snakes Reshape the Everglades). All of these issues are possibilities. The environment though as already been affected. For example, the wood-rat, which…show more content…
The python and another snake known as the Tree snake have caused the extinction of 10 native species, including the Songbird, some lizard species, and bats (Florida 's Python Problem: Snakes Reshape the Everglades). Florida is doing its best to maintain the species, but its getting to a point where its starting to become to late to stop them. It seems that the species has already taken a firm root upon the Florida Everglades. The fear too is that the snake will continue moving more north and spreading itself out into other regions of the US. This is why it is crucial to stop them because different regions contain different species, and most likely, the snakes will be on the higher end because of their size, their sneakiness, and their strength. These snakes are nothing to mess around with. Even alligators have been swallowed up by these things. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late get them out of the Everglades, but it’s not too late to stop them from spreading around. Trapping is a way to stop them. It’s possible set a trap full of mice with a cage. Then leave it and when the snake comes by, you could shut the door. The cage though has to be proper length in order to make the capturing much easier. Another thing to do is hunt for these snakes. It is encouraged in Florida to hunt as long as you have a permit (Florida 's Python Problem: Snakes Reshape the Everglades). As of now, there are more
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