Snapchat Influence On Human Behavior

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The Influence of Snapchat on Behavior
The present research aims to conduct a case study on the influence of Snapchat on Human Behavior. Behavior comprises of Impression Management and self-presentation online (people apt others lifestyles),FOMO(fear of missing out),social comparison and feedback seeking(emotional distress) and jealousy. Keeping into account the specific characteristics of Snapchat, its a revolutionary app, in the field of social media, though it has some bad aspects to it as well, which depend upon the user.
As, the app contains both negativity and positivity, we are interested in both of them regarding Human Behavior. There are several reported cases of people being blackmailed, cyberbullied and
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Snapchat has such a vogue that there are no signs of its decline any time soon. Like other social media, the damage caused is due to the abusive use of the application rather than the application itself. This scurrilous use of Snapchat is a representation of the behavior of its users.
The dedicated user base of Snapchat cannot be ignored , though its not familiar among Facebook and Instagram marketers.According to a report, more than 10 billion videos per day in 2016,are watched by Snapchatters, which was 2 billion per day, in 2015.Snapchat is not being used by the whole world currently, but according to an e-marketers forecast its number of users is expected to increase in progressing years. It is used by all age-groups, mostly women.
Nowadays, people lack privacy in their lives as at any moment anyone can take your picture and post it online. People these days are willing to take pictures of themselves doing stupid stuff, which would become regrettable for them later. Cases of misunderstandings among relationships have been reported. People, trust machines and apps blindly, however , sharing content over Snapchat , does not mean that its not available to the rest of the
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It is an app designed for fun and leisure. Its exclusiveness is temporary.
Economic and Social Worth:
In 2013, Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg offered 1 billion for Snapchat , but Spiegel and Murphy rejected the offer. Later, Mark again proposed 3 billion of an offer, to Spiegel but again it was turned down.Snapchat’s currently worth 11 billion US dollars.
A lot of stuff that should not be available to teens is accessible to them. Cyberbullies increase as videos are readily available and accessible to everyone, as they can send embarrassing pictures.Swapping of pictures , under 18 could come under the category of child pornography.
The most we can do to avoid misuse of Snapchat is reduced use of it.
Theoretical Background:

Today’s generation are exposed to all types of technologies in many aspects of their lives (Browning, Gerlich, & Westermann, 2011). On a daily basis they use desktop computers, laptops, E-readers, tablets, and cell phones to actively engage in social networking sites like Facebook,instagram,snapchat, and much more (Cassidy, Griffin, Manolovitz, Shen, & Turney,
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