Snapchat Informative Speech

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“First let me take a snapchat,” is a saying that people now use, because Snapchat is an app that allows people to upload and share pictures of their life to the world. Snapchat became a popular app as soon as it was released, and through its instantaneous ability to view and send pictures caused people to be addicted. Society expects daily updates through Snapchat, our daily reliance on snaps through Snaps is leading a greater amount of people into a virtual world; in the future people will be carrying out their daily functions behind a screen open to Snapchat that will snap every moment of their life to the world. Today, the well known app, Snapchat has evolved throughout the years, from a simple app of taking instant pics that delete after ten seconds to becoming an addicting app that snaps every moment of someone’s life. In 2011, two Stanford…show more content…
These are the iPod people,” (Sullivan). There are everyday things, in this case walking down the street of New York City, that people listen to music unaware of the world around them and this is normal to do and weird if people do not do so. Snapchat has similar culture norms, for example: adding location filters everywhere you go, caption pictures/videos with the latest catch-phrase, keep your snapping streak with your friends as long as possible, or even sayings “Don’t Snap and Drive” are all new cultural norms. The issue of “Don’t Snap and Drive” relates back to the idea of people assuming technology is a ‘friend,’ but in fact puts others in danger in some cases, in this case driving. Snapchat can be seen as a major influence in today’s society, which can lead to the dependency on having Snapchat open to snap every moment of their life to their virtual

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