Snapchat Satire

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I have always been obsessed and intrigued with sports ever since a young age so ESPN has always been my go to website/station/app. Being the sports fanatic that I am it is important for me to get constant updates no matter the sport, severity of news, or time of day. ESPN is definitely a type of media that enlightens me, but I do not believe it distracts me. I probably am on ESPN 7 to 8 times a day checking various scores, stats, updates, and news, but it is something that is useful to my life especially because I want to do something with sports for a career. Looking at ESPN definitely impacts what happens through the course of my day, but I don’t think it has a negative effect on me, because of the positive aspect it brings. If I were to change one thing about my interaction is that I wish I didn’t feel the need to check it during important events like class or homework,…show more content…
With the simple snap of a picture I can send it to anyone within seconds. The reason that it has partially taken over text for me is because I can show or say something without starting a big conversation with someone. Snapchat is definitely an app that entertains me while also deeply distracts me. I probably use Snapchat upwards of 50 times over the course of the day, and even while doing this project I have checked it twice. I find it easy to get carried away using this app much like many others I will describe later, but this app especially distracts me from class and homework because it is so easy to use and rather addicting. I don’t think Snapchat improves my life but I don’t think it lessens it either; it is a good way to stay in touch with friends while also updating people on your adventures. One thing I would change about my interaction with this app is my usage, which will be a common theme throughout this project because I simply use media too
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