Snapped Helmholtz: A Fictional Narrative

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The hatch opened into a blinding ray of light and out stepped Helmholtz and Bernard from the back. “I really do wish that they had allowed us to fly our own helicopter here.” complained Bernard. “Quit your complaining Bernard that’s all I’ve heard for the entire trip. My seat is too hard, I’m out of Soma. how come they don’t have feelies on this helicopter.”Bernard honestly if you’re going to keep complaining I have no idea what I might end up doing just shut your trap for once.” exploded Helmholtz. “I see someone is a little heli lagged.”laughed Bernard. “I’m not kidding and I’m definitely not heli lagged Bernard I honestly don’t think that is even a thing.”Snapped Helmholtz. “Now, now boys you can’t start bickering before I’ve even said hello,” They both whipped their heads…show more content…
Mond was so agreeable to John coming to civilization was purely to see if this type of ecosystem would work everywhere. As you all know that little test did not end well and I believe that is why Mond was so eager to send you here not only, because you couldn’t control the savage but, because he was disappointed in how this experiment faired. Honestly, the only positive thing that we have gotten from your little test is the theory that this type of civi-savage environment can only exist if the savages, and civilized people grow up together and aren’t just thrust into the environment otherwise as you saw with John the savage experiences sensory overload resulting in well, death.”explained Noah. “So there’s no hope for the whole world to be completely civi-savage?” Helmholtz asked. “Well there still is hope for it we just wanted to do it peacefully,” Bernard and Helmholtz start to look around nervously. “With your experiment we were just checking to see if we could convert the savages peacefully and it turns out we can’t so we’ll just have to do it by force.” “Wait but, you can’t do that?” Helmholtz argued angrily. “Who’s going to stop me exactly.” Noah
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