Snb Code Of Ethics In Nursing Case Study

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ELAHA INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT (35%) Shyween Lim Yi Jean T06 / P11 86080501 Main body The ethical principles were possible breached in this case study are beneficence, non-maleficence and respect. The first ethical principles that was breached is beneficence. Beneficence is to act in ways to ‘do good’ and prevent harm to the patients. However, the nurse did not promote the patient’s well-being instead of bruising the patient and traumatized the patient. The nurse mistreated the elderly patient causing harm to the patient. The next ethical principles that was breached is non-maleficence. Non-maleficence means do no harm to the patient and have the obligation not to inflict harm intentionally. The nurse treated the patient…show more content…
In this case, the nurse did breach the SNB code of ethics too. Value statement 1 is to respect client’s individual values and needs. 1.2 is actively yo involve their clients in the planning and delivery of care. In this case, the nurse failed to respect the patient and handled her roughly and rudely which may cause skin breakdown. 1.3 is to provide care regardless of client’s gender, religion, age, health and socio-economic status. The nurse thinks the patient is old and weak because of the patient’s diagnosis so that the patient couldn’t refuse any care or treatment that was do for her. Value statement 5 is to provide care in a responsible and accountable manner. 5.2 is to ensure that the safety of their clients is not jeopardized by commission or omission of any nursing care activity. It is the nurses’ responsibility to ensure patients are safety at all times. The nurse abused and took care of her in a rude manner which traumatized the patient. These irresponsible acts they did also loss their public trust in the nursing…show more content…
The nurse failed to follow the standard of care. The nurse admitted herself that she did not follow the protocol set by the nursing home and the nursing board. In this case scenario, malpractice and negligence can lead to area of potential abilities. The elements that need to be considered are duty, breach of duty, causation, injuries or damage. It is stated in the SNB pledge that a nurse promise to provide competent standard of care and also refrain from any actions that may endanger life. The nurse breached the pledge by failing to provide competent care for the patient. One of a few ways to prevent from breaching ethical principles, standard of care and SNB code of conduct is by proper documentation. Documentation is an accurate account of what occurred and when it occurred. Nurse’s documentation provides a clear picture of the status of the client, the actions of the nurse and the client outcomes. It is to facilitate communication, promote good nursing care and to meet professional and legal standards. If a nurse fails to comply the nursing process that was set can lead to mistakes. The nursing process includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation. Nurses should not skip any 1 of the nursing process as it might lead to inaccurate baseline data. Therefore, knowing the correct and proper way of documentation and following the nursing process can

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