Sneakers Research Paper

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Doesn’t everyone love the feel of new sneakers? All the different brands and the colors. Ever wonder why they’re so popular? Well since the 1800s, sneakers have been important and extremely popular; three reasons why they are so popular are, a popular brand called Chucks (converse), Sneakerheads, and the History of Sneakers.
To begin with, Chucks helped made sneakers so popular. They are named after Chuck Taylor, a man in the Basketball Hall of Fame. The funny thing about Chuck Taylor is that he has never played in the NBA. However he has a line of shoes that has his signature. The difference is that Converse “Chuck Taylor” All-Star sneakers are the number one selling shoes of all time. In the mid-1930s Chuck Taylors were so popular they were named the official sneaker of the US Olympic team until the late 60s. Chuck was born in 1901. When he was 17, he was playing high school basketball. He was hired by converse in 1922 to be part of their “All Star” sales team. He promoted the shoes by have basketball clinics around the country. He suggested several improvements to the sneakers and a popular salesman and in 1932 his signature was added to the label on the ankle (the label was his idea). He worked for converse for 40 years. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1968. He passed away in 1969. They
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Sneakerheads are people who are passionate about sneakers who also buy, sell, trade, and talk about sneakers. Sneakerheads began in the late 1970s. As sneakers became increasingly popular, people began searching the market for rare, limited-edition pairs. Today we have the largest sneakerhead population. They listen to sneaker talk shows and share news on the latest releases. They take part in online sneaker auctions, and they go to sneaker conventions. A sneaker show in Indonesia in 2006 brought 13,000 people. In 2013 the profit of sneakerheads buying sneakers was 1.1 billion
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