Sneaky Pete Character Analysis

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The current myth that I chose to analyze for this module is the television show “Sneaky Pete.” Sneaky Pete is a show in which a man by the name of Marius Josipovic is in jail with another man named Pete Murphy. We find out that Marius is in jail because of his past record for being a con man and stealing from a number of people and institutions. While in jail these men become good friends and Marius gets to learn about Pete’s life leading up to him being imprisoned. Marius finds out that Pete is in jail for attempting to rob a gun range, and that his family does not know about this. When Marius gets out of jail he finds out that he is being hunted by a dangerous gangster who he robbed before being put into jail. After finding out how dangerous…show more content…
We learn in the video lectures that Ovid was an intelligent man who used a different angle or aspect of literature in order to make his work more well known. This is just what Marius does in his life in general. Marius uses a different angle, being a con man, in order to make his life more meaningful and better off. It can be said that both men go against cultural truth-values and have to pay consequences for their actions. In Ovid’s case, he goes against the cultural truth-value that all literature in ancient Rome should be serious and sad in some cases. In his early works, Ovid uses comedy in order to portray these same serious concepts but in a more comical way. An example of this is in An Amatoria when he writes about men picking up women in a funny context, such as brushing fake crumbs off of a woman’s bosom in order to please her. We find that this gets Ovid in trouble with Agustus, and eventually leads him to get exiled because of it. Similarly, Marius goes against the cultural truth-value that everyone in society should follow the laws, specifically not stealing from others. Marius is a con man and actually makes a living from stealing form people. Marius too has to pay for his actions, and finds himself in a difficult situation when he is being hunted by the gangster whom he stole
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