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Numerous TV promotions have interesting way of grabbing the attention of their audience. For most, this consist of presenting something that the individual can relate to. Most of them also keep their advertisement simple by displaying the advertisement and explaining why one would need it. Commercials sole purpose is to benefit the audience and persuade them to purchase their product. A recent addition from the Ebony magazine featured a Snicker Bar Advertisement. It consisted of several snicker bars with a different slogan to match on each. The text on the ad read “Your friends aren’t your friends when they’re hungry”. This advertises that we all get a little irritable and bad tempered when you’re hungry, so why not solve it by eating a delicious…show more content…
It grabs this audience through the product itself, the slogan, and the advertisements that represent the product. The typical Snickers commercial begins with a comical, moody character, typically male, who is “out of the norm” because they are hungry. Someone else sees how cranky they are and says “here, eat a snickers!” As the characters eats the Snickers, they instantly feel better and say “better”, explaining that they now feel improved after eating it. The commercial then goes on to say their signature slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry, Snickers satisfies.” This gives off the impression to the audience that you can not only eat this anytime of the day, but it can hold you over until you eat an actual meal. To further increase their popularity, the founder decided to include celebrities in their commercials because they know people are drawn to famous people and consumers usually jump on the bandwagon of their favorite celebrities. The main focus of Snickers commercials is its appeal to humor. It 's humorous because there is a shock factor on the transformation between the hungry and the satisfied character. One could argue that this series of commercials appeals to both bandwagon and

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