Snickers Ad Analysis Essay

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Snickers Ad Analysis
A Snickers candy bar is chocolate covered peanuts, caramel, and nougat. It is an extremely popular candy in the United States and is made by Mars Inc. Mars is the same company that produces other candy, including M&Ms and Twix. This company is famous for their candy and is known to be very good at advertising their products. I chose to analyze a Snickers ad that was aired during the Super Bowl. The ad is intended to appeal to all audiences because most anyone can eat a Snickers, unless you have a peanut allergy. The ad is a scene from the show The Brady Bunch, and in it the character that is supposed to be Marsha, is played by a different actor. Marsha’s character had just got hit in the nose by Peter and was complaining to her parents about getting revenge against him. Her parent’s response to her behavior is to tell her to eat a Snickers bar. The Snickers slogan is “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, and this commercial is a literal version of this. In the ad, Snickers uses argument to sell the idea that consumers get
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The appeal to logic is that if you’re hungry and cranky, the appropriate thing to do is to grab something to eat, and there’s nothing better than a Snickers to cure that hunger. Although this appeal may not ring true, and Snickers is not the only option that can fix hunger, the ad does a good job of portraying the fact that it is an effective option for consumers. The other appeal is pathos, if a consumer is watching television and is hungry, and they see this ad their automatic emotional response is to go out or get u and grab a Snickers. It’s almost a voluntary emotional response to eat a candy once you’ve seen it, and if the ad grabs your attention you are more likely to think about that product. The Brady Bunch commercial is entertaining enough that it will attract your attention and you will watch it and remember that it is advertising Snickers

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