Snickers Bar History

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The Snickers bar was invented in 1930 by Mars Inc. and is known as a chewy candy bar containing nougat, peanuts, and caramel wrapped in chocolate. Today Snickers is the number one top selling candy bar, in which they earn around 424 million dollars a year.(America’s) The production process starts off with its first ingredient which is nougat. To make this it consists of mixing corn syrup, egg whites, sugar, and salt into a big production mixer known as a frap. While mixing peanut butter is then added in to give more flavor to the gooey and sticky mixture that will be the nougat in the chocolate bar. The mixture then goes through the heating process in which it is heated at 165 degrees F. After being heated the mixture is then moved over to the rolling pin section in the conveyor belt. These pins are ice cold in which the nougat forms a skin that gives the product more texture. The nougat skin is then transferred off the rollers onto a conveyor belt. While this process is taking place on the other side of the production factory roasted peanuts are getting mixed in with caramel. The peanuts that are being added also add on…show more content…
They hit great success with Milky Way as it was the most popular candy bar in the late 1920’s. (Prokpop) With this success the Mars’ were able to create and trial run new products and this is when they created the Snickers bar in the 1930’s. Why the name “Snickers”? Fun fact is that they actually named the chocolate bar after their favorite horse which was named Snickers. In the beginning every part of the production process was hand-made but as time went on there was an increasing use of machines to increase volumes. As of today Snickers is now a mass production process and the best selling candy bar in the world. Throughout the years there is over 40 different variations of Snickers candy bars and are all sold throughout the
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