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13 March 2018 Snitch The movie Snitch was released in 2013 in United States and Canada. It is an American crime drama film directed and written by Ric Roman Waugh with the help of Justin Haythe. In the movie, A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son, who was imprisoned after being set up in a drug deal. the movie is good because it has an Interesting plot , lots of action and a good cast.
The two main characters of the film are Dwayne Johnson as John Matthews and Rafi Gavron as Jason Collins. The movie was filmed in Missouri. One day, Jason Collins is video-chatting with his childhood best friend, Craig Johnson.
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Dwayne Johnson played as John Matthews, an heroic father in the film. For example, he went through hell and back to reduce his son’s ten year sentence because he comes up with a plan to free himself and Daniel from both government and the cartel. During the run, he is able to escape Cooper 's surveillance. At the same time, Daniel goes to Malik 's house, killing his guards and mortally wounding him. Before dying, Malik reveals Pintera’s cell phone number to Daniel. John calls Cooper and has him track both his new cell phone and Pintera 's phone, effectively giving Cooper both the money and the kingpin at once. The cartel realize John is an informant and he leads them on a highway chase and shootout before he escaped…show more content…
She was a concerned mother that was trying to found how was Jason apart of that incident. For example, she cries to John and said, “When will they release my baby from jail.” Rafi Gavron played as Jason Collins, the son of john williams and Sylvie Collins. He got caught up with his friend, Craig. For example, At the beginning of the film he is video chatting with him about a mysterious package that he knows nothing about. Barry Pepper played as Agent Copper. He is apart of the Drug Enforcement Administration. For example, He chases Jason to a dead end and arrests
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