Snow Blow Research Paper

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What Is The Drug Snow Blow?
Synthetic drugs are often considered a safer alternative to harder substances, but they offer uses a whole world of dangers. One of the most popular of these synthetic substances is snow blow, a former “head shop” drug that has been creating untold havoc in the drug community for the last few years. Understanding this dangerous drug can help steer you away from using it or help you understand how you can help a loved one avoid this problem.

Snow Blow Definition
Snow blow is called by many names, including “mephedrone,” “meow meow,” and “flakka.” It is a psychoactive drug that utilizes the stimulant alpha-PVP to generate a wide range of effects. Generally, small doses create a mild euphoric high, but higher amounts can generate much more severe reactions, including hallucinations.

Snow blow is designed as
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Some users like to combine it with marijuana to increase their euphoric effect. What few users realize is that snow blow is, essentially, similar to bath salts. Those infamous synthetic drugs caused a wide variety of scary incidents, including people literally eating the flesh of others.

Effect On The Body
Beyond the intended euphoric effects of snow blow lies a world of dangerous effects. People that have used snow blow have reported experiencing severe paranoia, delusions, twitchiness, nervousness, increased body temperature, muscle cramps, spasms, hallucinations, and extreme seizures. And death from heart attack or kidney failures are possible, even if a person doesn 't overdose.

All of these effects are caused by the stimulating nature of snow blow. It increases your metabolism, causing your heart to pump faster and your brain to work more quickly. In that way, it 's somewhat like cocaine and methamphetamines, but is much more dangerous because it isn 't as “pure” as those drugs. Beyond the alpha-PVP, there 's no telling what has been put in the
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