Snow Day Persuasive

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As dozens of tiny white flakes trickle down through the sky spinning ever so slowly yet with furious might, children begin to jump for joy. A snow day may be occurring. Then, once the phone rings and the voice of the principal cancelling school reaches the ears of students, the greatest day of the month has begun. All children ready their snow pants, jacket, and their hats and gloves for a day out in the blizzard. When the boys and girls run outside to play, parents yell to them that they must keep warm and come inside when it gets late. Many kids will play tag in the snow or build an igloo, but some do not know the three best things to do during a snow day. Snowball fights, building a snowman, and staying inside drinking hot cocoa happen…show more content…
It happens to be extremely refreshing to come inside after a long day in the cold weather and sit right next to the fire. The feeling from the heat of the blistering hot coals radiate against one’s skin diminishes the chill from the snow. Many adults find something very soothing about sipping warm cocoa from a scolding mug, and wearing those frog slippers with a nice warm bathrobe in front of a blissfully warm fireplace. Not many things can beat the taste of the hot chocolate as it warms the insides of the body, and puts everyone in a good mood. Kids love plopping marshmallows in their cocoa, which makes for a fun and warm treat. As a person starts to drink their cocoa, it becomes imperative that he or she must turn on the television or nice Christmas music. These actions help ease the tension of adults and calm children, making it easy to put them to bed. Now, when one goes out to play outside on a snow day, he or she must realize that only three things will make his or her snow day complete. Making a snowman and throwing snowballs exhibit the values of teamwork and make for an overall good time with friends and family. Drinking by the fire helps warm the bones and the hearts of many children after being out in the bitter cold. A snow day can be such a gift to students and even adults if they use it
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