Snow Day Persuasive Speech

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As I wake up from a cold and delightful sleep my eyes filled with joy as I woke up to a snow filled backyard. I jumped out of bed got dressed and basically jumped off my porch into the soft powder snow. As more schools are switching to e - days less and less kids will be able to enjoy the fresh Pow - Pow of the fresh fallen snow. E days have been argued for a long time whether or not to have it. E dya are basically doing work on the computer from home when school is cancelled because of the heavy Pow - Pow that has fallen. Despite school's efforts to have E - Days in every district, the schools should not have them because snow day give students a chance to break away from their studies, families who are not as fortunate as everyone else…show more content…
-- It's not the first time we've seen snow this season, but it is the first time Buffalo's gotten enough to hop on a snowmobile."Fluffy snow that's not really icy, so you could have control," said Nick W. as he took a break from riding his snowmobile. Others caught a different kind of ride. Tuesday was the first time the Schumacher family's been sledding this year. They picked the hill behind Southside Elementary. "It's a nice, easy hill, not too far to walk up, the kids love it, so we try to come every year," said dad Scott Schumacher.” Scott Schumacher tell how there is not a lot of snow days so it is nice when you can relax and take it easy for a day or two. This however, will all change if there is e days. There will be no time to relax or play. Although this may be true, if there is more work on snow days this will help kids over time. WTHR news states, “At least one central Indiana school district wants to handle the winter weather differently this year, by eliminating snow days. Those will be replaced with e-learning days, where students continue to work from home. One Shelby County school district says it means more learning through technology. There's a virtual attendance sheet, unique lessons online and tech support for kids without WiFi"He was really upset he couldn't stay home today and play in the snow," Howard said.” This means how students will be helped and the work load and become small. This also shows how kids may be upset but it will help them to succeed later on. Even if there will be more work on snow days, helping you over time every kids needs a break from school to relax and have
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