Snow Days Research Paper

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“Are E-Learning days a good alternative to snow days?” some people ask. Why, yes of course! E-Learning days are a very good alternative to snow days! So, reader, hopefully you will also think E-Learning days are a good alternative to snow days. I have some pretty solid evidence for this claim. Like, for example, saving vacation days.

First, E-days save vacation days. Families will usually be planning their family vacations on breaks. But when a snow day happens, the day that the family was planning to go on that vacation might become a makeup day. E-days, on the other hand, do not make make up days. In fact, one school had to take off an entire spring break in order to make up for the snow days! So, would you rather have one day in the middle of the year off, of sitting and doing nothing, to just have to give up that vacation, or would you want a day out of school, still doing a little work, and not have to make that day up? That is how E-days save vacation days. “But some parents cannot afford the devices that kids have to work on.” some people may say. Well, the schools do pay for most of the devices they provide.
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The schools will provide kids with a device for learning on an E-day. Making the name “Electronic Learning”. Since families are either not willing to pay five hundred dollars for the replacement of snow days, or not rich enough, schools will provide most the device. Now that five hundred dollar macbook is now only one hundred dollars! So, now are you convinced? That is why schools paying for most of the devices they are providing for kids is very convenient. “But surely without a teacher the students couldn’t learn much for achievement tests!” one might say. Well it’s only a few days without the
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