How To Write A Narrative Essay About Being Broken

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Snow full of broken hearts by Autumn Nelson
The snow was falling lightly on the road. Music was playing softly, laughter filling the air. In a blink of an eye, the music became screeching tires, and the laughter became petrified screams. Shards of glass hitting my face in all directions. The horrible sensation of my spine being crushed by the metal. It started to snow around one that afternoon in New Haven, Connecticut. It made the Christmas season so wonderful and peaceful. I was helping my mom in the kitchen rolling cookie dough for the recital tonight. As the snow fell I watched my sister, Lily, play outside with our dog, Arrow. She looked so much like a child, even though she was thirteen. “Mama, look at them,”
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I am very sorry.”
At that point, I didn’t recognize my mother. But what did I expect, her heart was just broken. She was just told that I might die, or that I might be in a coma the rest of my life. This made me want to fight even harder. I want to stay with my family.I need to live. To make my dad’s memory last. To make him proud, even if he is dead. I want to fight, even if I don’t win. I want to fight to see my family again. To see my nephew grow up. To see my sister have children and to make everyone proud. I want to fight.
As the days passed, my own figure became lighter and lighter as I fought harder. On day four, I was finally breathing on my own. By day ten, Lily finally went home. But my mom was still stayed put by my bedside. On day fifteen, the doctor interrupted my mom while she was praying. But then,I saw myself fading,my eyes were opening. The fighting was working. I was waking up.
My mom rushed in and hug me so tight I thought I couldn't breathe again.
"Sweetie, you're finally awake, thank the lord," she started to
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