Snow On The Bluff Movie Analysis

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Physiological Prison, a Hood Mentality

The mindset in the Black Urban Community, also referred to as the “Hood” is one that is delusional where criminal actions are acceptable and bettering oneself is looked down upon. I have witnessed personally the lifestyle of those in the hood and selfish/selfless mentality they possess. While doing my research I came across a video documentary of the everyday life in the Black Urban Community. The video shed light on the thought process that those that live in these communities and how this process becomes a cycle that is on repeat generation after generation.
The title of the film is “Snow on the Bluff”. From the beginning the main character robs an unsuspecting pedestrian and has no remorse for his actions. This first scene sets
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The lifestyle of those in the hood is based on the blind following of older individuals in the community whose actions contradict their want to grow as individuals and as a community.
There are many issues in the community that hinder the development of future generations and make those in this community complacent. At a young age, children are taught things that will keep them in the same complacent yet entitled mindset as those who nurture these thoughts. Some of which include stealing, selling of drugs, a false sense of loyalty, entitlement, and acceptance of criminal acts as appropriate. Being an individual with family members that live in the hoods, I have bore witness to the delusional thoughts of those in the hood. Although an individual is locked away for selling drugs, murdering someone, or evading police, they are welcomed back with open arms as if nothing ever took place. In addition, the actions that they have taken resulting in imprisonment are supported. The criminal act is praised and the justice system is made fun of setting the tone for more criminal acts to
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