Snow Queen Identity

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Nowadays, our society has made astonishing technological advances in communication, such as social media. However, social media frequently distorts our identity, because often we pretend to be someone we are not . Therefore, the true identity occurs when we preserved and respect our primitive beliefs and ideals about good and evil. So we must always defend our identity, because that is who we are. In the story the “The Snow Queen” written by Hans Christian Andersen, the main characters Gerda and Kay are two teenagers living in harmony as brothers. In fact, Gerda and Kay loved spring and all the flowers. However, one day while playing a piece of glass entered the eye of Kay, and instantly, he turned wicked and evil against Gerda. In addition,…show more content…
For example, in the film “List of Faerie Tale Theatre The Snow Queen” they display a scene “ when a piece of glass enters the eye of Kay and immediately he becomes furious and evil against Gerda. After this Kay is carried by the Snow Queen to her palace, where Greda cleans his madness with her tears” (List). This suggests that in the moment that the glass enters Kay eye his identity begins to change to a more adult independent identity, because in the film as well in the story Kay begins to forget his friendship with Gerda. Even worse, he argues with his Grandmother, and tries to imitate her. Due to this reason, Kay becomes a heartless person because now he no longer can experience emotions. Alternatively, when the Queen kisses Kay, half of his heart becomes ice, this could signify that as evil enters Kay heart; his emotions and feelings for others Vanished. On the other hand, when Gerda learns that Kay has had gone, she was the only person that decides to look for him, developing the identity of a protector of Kay. Furthermore, as the story continues the identity of Gerda transforms to a hero, because her love and innocence made her a special person with superpowers to make a change. Finally, in the end, we can see that Gerda rescues Kay from dying frozen and Kay eyes and heart are cleansed by the tears of Gerda. Overall, the main characters developed distinct identities with the utilization of binary oppositions with the intention to create meaning to the story. For example, the binary opposition of good and evil could be interpreted in correlation to a bible reference with the idea of sin and temptation. In other words, the troll and the snow queen could represent sin and temptation which divert Kay from seeing the truth and the right way. Moreover, Gerda could represent Jesus in the way she saves Kay from dying frozen
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