Snow Treasure Short Story

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Have you ever thought about your country having a war with other country?? Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan is a sad and memorable story of children carrying gold in Norway(Norway is their country) and adults fighting with Germans. This story is important to people who think war is nothing. Because in this story, they show how they are having a hard time during the war. I really admire character Jan Lasek, who is a Pole but he was once German solider. Then you’ll ask me why. Because he risked his life to save Peter from German army. This story takes place in Norway during a war with Germans. The protagonist is Peter, a brave young boy about ten years old. He leads children to carry a gold in Norway to Uncle Victor, because Uncle Victor should take the golds to safe place, America. He always has to be careful aganist antagonist Germans because they will get you and make you tell about Norway. The events unfold as Peter get to know what is going on in Norway. Peter was a normal boy that has sister and brother. One day, he saw Uncle Victor, who Peter liked very much. He is a fisherman so he doesn’t come back until the snow thaws. But this time when he looked out at the window, he saw Uncle Victor. He waved his hands to him. If it was as usual, he would smile and wave back at him. But today, he didn’t smile and just looked at him. At that dinner, Peter told his father he saw Uncle Victor and he went out quickly. He didn’t came back until night. So when Peter heard a foot step,
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