Snow White Character Analysis

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Chapter 1 Introduction I started to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when I was four years old. I was attracted by the beauty of Snow White and her kind-hearted personality which this made me to repeatedly watch this animated film. However, I was frightened by the horrifying image of the peddler in the film. At time, I was just a little kid who was indeed vulnerable to the media content. Looking at how the stepmother scheme on Snow White, I firmly believe that stepmothers are wicked. As time goes on, I was taught that every coin has it two sides. We should not trust the media blindly on their content but think critically on everything we see. While everyone is paying attention and admiring the protagonist of the fairytales, I began to…show more content…
The representation of female and inter-female relationships; be it intentionally or unintentionally, often act as the utmost importance for the plot of a film. According to Belcher (2011: 62), ‘these familiar archetypes and motifs reveal important ingrained and conditioned ideologies about women as well as primitive the upwelling of fears and desires from the subconscious’. In fact, it is rather famous that the dichotomy of the representation of the “Wicked Stepmother” in contrast with her young “enslaved” maiden or stepdaughter has become an expected staple of the genre. Not to mention, it would almost inconceivably be “Snow White” without the evilness of the stepmother as the plot of the Snow White’s stories are mainly induced by the wicked, vain and jealousy of the queen who is the stepmother of Snow White. As a result, this dissertation will be done with a presentation on an analysis that aims to find out the negative representation of stepmother. This dissertation will be conducted mainly based on the framework of Representation Theory and Stereotype Theory. By analyzing two films namely, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) directed by David Hand and William Cottrell; and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) directed by Rupert Sanders, this dissertation is guided with two objectives and two research…show more content…
This study is based on the framework of Representation Theory to understand how meaning is created through representation in this context refers to how stepmother is being represented in the films chosen. Representation Theory is adopted specifically through constructionist approach in which it stated that meanings are usually constructed through representational systems which are concepts and signs (Hall, Evans & Nixon, 2013: 11). Besides, Stereotype Theory is adopted to understand how a set of qualities perceived is represented in reflecting the essence of the stepmothers (John et al, 2010: 8). John et al (2010: 8) further contended that socialization, media and language and discourse are the major channel for the stereotypes to be transmitted. To certain extent, stereotype may imply discrimination by systematically influencing perceptions and judgment (John et al, 2010:

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