Snow White Criticism In Snow Glass, And Apples

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If I say Snow White, what are you thinking then? You see in front of you seven dwarfs dancing happily together with an innocent little girl, don’t you? But you should know that the Snow White theme is one of the darkest and strangest to be found in the fairy tale world.
The story Snow Glass and Apples is one of the darkest fairy tales we got. It’s about Snow White but this story is from the queen’s point of view. The queen discovers that Snow White is a bloodthirsty vampire and becomes terrified of her. The queen forces Snow White out from the castle to protect the kingdom and its people. Snow White finds her wicked prince in the forest and her greatest desire is to return to the castle and get revenge and murder the Queen. So Snow White
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What defined her beauty was this phrase “Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.” Snow White could with her beauty attract men in the forest. Snow White’s appearance in Snow, Glass, And Apples is pretty similar with the Brother Grimm story. The difference between the stories is that Snow White is a vampire with pale skin and yellow teeth in Snow, Glass, And Apples. You can say that Snow White is the antagonist in Snow, Glass, And Apples.
The queen has different personalities in the two versions. In Snow, Glass And Apples produces the queen as she is kind, smart and responsible. She cares about the kingdom and its people. Not at all like the Brother Grimm story. A simile between the two versions is that the queen uses witchcraft in both versions. For an example, that she make a spell to poison the apple.
In the Brother Grimm story produces the queen as wicked, evil, witch. The queen askes her mirror every day “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” The reason why the queen frequently asks that is because she wants to get a confirmation that she is still the fairest of them all. If the mirrors answer some other name than the queens, she gets so jealous and angry so she forces the mirror to reveal who it

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