Snow White Research Paper

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`“Snow White with a Nice Stepmother” Once upon a time there was a princess named Snow White. She lived in a far way kingdom. She had a dad and a very nice stepmother. Snow White’s dad died the year later on a boat in a bad storm and Snow White was just left with her stepmother. The storm was very bad. It was a thunder storm and made the boat rocked back and forth. Water filled into the boat from the bottom to the ceiling in the bottom of the boat and the boat sank, but the height of the boat was pretty tall. Snow White was heartbroken when she heard about her father. Snow White roamed around the kingdom trying to get that off her mind. Her stepmother noticed that she was sad so she tried to cheer her up. She would do anything…show more content…
The cottage was not that big on the outside, but when she went into the cottage it look bigger that the outside and no one was home. There were four of everything like beds, chairs and dishes. Snow White decided to stay and clean up the cottage because it was a mess. After she was done, little men came home and found Snow White sleeping in their beds. She scared them. She told them her story and they let her stay for a while. She introduced herself to them and they introduced themselves too. There was Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, She was so happy with the dwarfs. One day the prince came to the dwarf’s cottage to see the dwarfs because he knew them for a while and he noticed Snow White. He fell in love with her very fast. Her stepmother was looking for her everywhere. The prince wanted her to go back to his castle, but she didn’t want to leave the dwarfs. So the prince let them come to the castle too. They all had so much fun…show more content…
She said yes. When she told the seven dwarfs they were all happy for her. Her wedding was so beautiful and the five dwarfs were in it. The prince let the seven dwarfs live in it because he had a big enough castle to let them. It was a party everyday with the dwarfs, but they all had so much fun. They all loved living with the prince especially Snow White, but her stepmother found her and she saw that she was getting married to the prince. She went to see her at the prince’s castle to congratulate her on her marriage and to tell her she is sorry for constantly bothering her. Snow White forgave her and her and the prince lived happily ever
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