Snowfall: A Short Story

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Snowfall is a pretty sight, the world is still; no movement, even the air stays still. When you look up at the cloudy gray sky and see the snowflakes fall they float down in a graceful path that would make ballerinas look clumsy. It 's a euphoric moment almost, the kid inside you wakes up and without thinking everyones impulsive habit is to scream “It 's snowing!” and raise their hands to the sky asking for more. In this case, I wanted less snow. Leo and I have been driving along highway 25 for only two hours, once we left colorado springs we noticed the first of the snowflakes fall about 30 minutes out. Pulling over for that silent moment in a target parking lot. Looking back it was a pleasant short memory Leo exclaimed
“Camilla ! Pull off its snowing !”
“What ? I can 't see them.”
“Its happening p u l l off”
I turned off and got into the parking
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I turned up the heat to a colmfy 74 degrees and flopped on one of the beds. Wrapping the blanket around me I updated social media and then laid there stretching. I was so tired from driving way more tired then I thought i was. After laying there for what seemed to be 30 minutes Leo crawled in his bed and I went to go shower and get ready for bed. WHen I got back in bed I took a look outside the window and say that snow was still falling. As the snowflakes fell I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up to a quiet and dark room, I rolled over to grab my phone and check whats up. To my surprise it was 11:18 am and leo and I were in bed still. We were supposed to get on the road and meet up with elise by noon and it would be impossible to be punctual by now. I was freaking out when leo groggily said.
“Theres no waay were getting anywhere today look outside and lay back down im still
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