Snowglobe Short Story

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Snowglobe Eight years ago, I lost myself; I lost my innocence, my optimism, my happiness, all in a moment’s time. Eight years ago, it felt as if the air had been taken out of my body, and for the next six years, I struggled to breathe. Eight years ago, I lost someone who I loved more than anyone, and my childhood died and was buried alongside her. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but grew up here in Phoenix. My entire extended family lived in Pakistan, and it was terribly lonely here, away from the people I loved. At the time, my family wasn’t financially stable, but despite that, my parents bent over backwards and made numerous sacrifices to ensure that I would be able to spend my vacations in Lahore, with my family. They not only wanted me to be in touch with my culture, and learn how to be an authentic Pakistani, but to understand the importance of familial bonds, and spend time with my precious family. My mother had five sister and three brothers, and numerous nieces and nephews. To them, I was the epitome of perfection, along with an adorable face and level of charisma to go with it. I was loved so immensely by my family, and nothing made me happier. I was naturally a happy child, but being around my aunts made me especially cheerful. They spoiled me rotten, and nothing could delight my naive little heart more. I know one shouldn’t have favorites when it comes to family members, but out of everyone in my family, there was no one I loved more than my aunt Ruby, who I

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