Snows Here Too Painting Analysis

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1. Description: This work is known in the world of art as a painting. This painting was created someone named Chany.
The artist named the painting Snows Here, Too and he painted this piece of art using watercolors. The painting shows a landscape of some sort of forest or the woods where the pine trees are covered in white snow. The painting is medium size and the price value is 800 dollars.
2. Formal Analysis: This piece shows the viewer the balance of the trees in the background. The artist also uses cool blue colors to paint the snow and the clouds in the sky to unify with the season the artist is going for. The colors are also complimentary making it easy for the eye to look at. The artwork was most likely created with painting brush
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For instance the painting could represent the moments in our lives where everything seems cold and not sunny.
When I see this picture it make me think of winter and the fun times one can have in the snow, It also make me think of the smell such a place would give, fresh snow and pinecones with a cold air surrounding you. .
4. Evaluation: What drew me in was really just the scene of the snow covering the landscape. I thought about the fact that this painting could mean more than what meets the eye in response to a meaning. I do not think that others will see this painting as I am seeing it. I believe that people will just see it has a painting of a simple landscape where the artist was visiting and just happen to want to paint it; I might use it to show someone that has never seen snow how the snow covers then grown and the colors that appear. If I was to get a painting like this I would keep it in my house, seems like a painting that could be hanged in the living room .The piece to me says that it is a painting that could mean more than a simple painting but you have to really look at it and think of all the different meaning it could have, Honestly I do not think it is worth the amount it is
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