Snowstorm Research Papers

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Ever since childhood, we have always dreamed of having a snowstorm outside our home. Many kids and even adults have been fortunate to be in places where snowfall in the winter is very frequent. However, many of us can only watch the snow on television or see photos. On the other hand, it is also possible that we are in places where snow is not very common and temperatures are not extremely cold, as in the southern part of the United States, where you can only feel the warmth and freshness. Snowstorm is not very common in that part of the nation because temperatures do not fall more than thirty degrees or less. For many people, snow is a hurdle, clearing the sidewalks, clearing the snow from the car or getting ready to go to work and not knowing if it is safe to drive through snow-covered streets. For me, a snowy day is always magical. I vividly recall my first snowstorm.…show more content…
I remember that snowstorm like it was yesterday. The days before the storm was approaching our area, I could only see in the local newscasts talking about nature as strong as if it were something of life or death. The only thing that was on my mind was that the snow would come soon. I remember sitting on the sofa watching the local news. I was so comfortable that I did not want to leave the sofa while listening attentively to the meteorologist. The meteorologist spoke in a disturbing tone of voice. Obviously, it was a very intense snowstorm warning. I knew what a blizzard meant. It was Mother Nature that would come for us to
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