Snowy Day Research Paper

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It all starts one snowy day. The whole family wanted to go do something fun together, my brothers Angel and Miguel and I nominate the idea of going sledding because it was winter and it sounded fun. At that moment we all got ready and when we 're about to leave my oldest brother Angel says we should take both of dogs because we can 't leave them. Everyone agreed that we should take the dogs, and at this point, we have to dogs on is a little pup and her name is Molly. Then there is rudy the middle aged dog and the only other one and she is energetic. We drive a couple miles from home and go out to some hills in Oregon. There are a few inches of snow on the ground. Remarkably we get there and start sledding after a couple minutes of sledding we decide to build a snowman.Infinitely we all got-together and we start…show more content…
Formerly, since we are out in the hills and terrain. It is an intense snowball fight because it is so open. Thereafter all of this, my parents go to do something else, indefinitely they leave.On that occasion, it 's just me and my two brothers we go to this other hill. This where it gets good. It 's about 3 o 'clock. Individually are about to start sledding again.We have two sleds one is crappy and it 's blue it goes slow and it unexciting. The red sled is the one that goes fast that ones make sledding fun. Already mentioned hill we went to is kinda bumpy so it allows you to catch, but there 's this one bump that allows you to catch massive air. Subsequently, we 're done sharing the sleds and going down the hill.My brother Miguel said these exact words, one more time, I said yes of course. The dogs had a little problem with chasing the sleds so he goes first and Ruby the dog barely misses him. Suddenly I go so I decide to take the path that involves the nice bump that gives you nice air. My other brother angel is at the top ready to push me. Uncertainty he pushes me. I start to go down the hill I 'm rushing down that hill I hit the first bump, I feel
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