So Far From The Bamboo Grove Analysis

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People face many obstacles in life and it’s the way they overcome them that truly defines them as a person. In both stories, we read the characters had to deal with adversity, but they battle through and prevailed. In the novel So Far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins, the Kawashima family goes on a long journey to safety at the end of World War II. The other story, A Work in Progress by Aimee Mullins, details the challenges Aimee Mullins faced having no legs. People overcome obstacles by finding their true strength within mentally and physically and fight through hardships with support.

During the journey of Kawashima's they rely on the support of each other to overcome obstacles. As the venture to South Korea, they come across a bridge with a gorge underneath it designed for trains only. The only way to get across and continue their journey is on the bridge. Yoko is awfully scared as she is crossing Ko who isn't very scared, helps her “When she reached us she turned around, bent over and said to me, “Hop on.”” (p. 46) After putting Yoko on her back the Kawashima's make it to the other side of the bridge with ease. By cooperating with one another they prevailed and overcame a life-threatening obstacle.

Just like the rest of his family Hideyo went
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One summer Aimee and her family vacationed in Jersey Shore. She was swimming when she suddenly got caught in a rip current. She had to do some quick thinking “And all I could think to do was pop off these legs and put one under each armpit, with the peach feet sticking up and just bob thinking, Someone’s gotta find me.” “And a lifeguard did.” From a young age, Aimee used her disadvantage to an advantage. Without the buoyant legs, Aimee may not be alive. Aimee found her mental strength to overcome a tough obstacle and used her prosthetics for
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