So Great About Writing: A Personal Essay On My Life

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What is so great about writing? Writing can help you with many things such as stress relief or even a hobby for some people. As for me, writing is not my hobby, but it is a stress relief. When I write I have to take the time and think on what am I going to talk about. This is where my deep thoughts come out and all put onto paper. When I write I am in my own world and everything else is blocked. A writing experience I am going to talk about is a time where I had to write a personal essay on my life during my senior year. During the writing process, I struggled on how to start my intro being said that it has to be interesting. My teacher said that the intro is important because that is what keeps the reader going and if it is not interesting they will stop reading. This is when I felt the pressure I knew that my topic sentence had to be good and it was, but my grammar through it off just a…show more content…
I also want to learn how to pace myself while being timed. I want to read things that catch my eye. For example, articles on pandas would be something interesting to me for read. Pandas are my favorite animal and I love to learn new things about them and read stories about how they live. Reading politics and history will bore me to death. I would probably lose focus within the first 10 minutes. I would take forever to finish the article and actually comprehend it at the end. I want to leave this class at the end of the semester and be able to write with proper grammar and learn how to do a reference page. At the end of this course, I expect to write faster during a timed based assignment as one of my goals. By accomplishing this certain goal, it can help me for my future exams for writing. Before finishing this course, I want to be able to learn how to research things online and in the library. Every Time I am in the library I do not even know how to look for a book with it having so many
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