'So I Ain T A Good Girl'

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I’m a Person, a Bad One Boyfriend or boo, and girlfriend, drive through a bit of problems they never knew they were going to roll through. The main character; the girlfriend, doesn’t have a name, however dates a guy who treats her badly; that’s Raheem. He abuses her, cheats on her, and she always takes him back. “So I Ain’t a Good Girl” by Sharon Flake writes short stories of boys and girls in their lives about their relationship to portray the characters. In this case, Raheem has a rude attitude and takes action to the narrator. He was going to skip school for the day because he had “things to do.” The narrator didn’t wish for him to skip, as he had a large test to take. Raheem just hates girls who disobey him and she knows that: “Raheem likes
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