So I Ain T No Good Girl Summary

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Who am I Without Him? The author of “So I ain’t no Good Girl”, Sharon Flake, develops the characters in a way I find realistic and original. It is told in a first person view of the main character; although, we don’t know her name, we know her boyfriend’s name, Raheem. He is known for his good looks and muscles. They have been together for two years now, but he treats her as though she is nobody. The narrator has an attitude against other girls, because Raheem tends to stare. When she finds him lip locked against another girl though, what does she do? She does absolutely nothing. Characters play a big role in a story. As well as they all have flaws. For example, the narrator’s weakness is her boyfriend, Raheem. She does what he says because “A boy like him can get any girl he want, he ain’t gotta take stuff off nobody.’ As you can tell, Raheem’s strengths are his looks. With his “6 pack” and “honey” brown muscles, all the girls fall for him. Saying this, I don’t…show more content…
In this story in particular, the characters leave you speechless with their actions. This story has a flow due to how the characters talk. They talk with improper grammar, but that’s what makes it unique.”Ain’t nothing wrong with that is it?” Raheem and the narrator have a lot of mini fights, because Raheem is skipping school and “checking” out other girls. “His eyes crawl over to them good girls.” The author doesn’t give us a lot of knowledge about the narrator; though I’d prefer if she did. This will allow us readers to connect to the story more. Overall I think the characters are a perfect fit to the story. After reading “So I Aint no Good Girl”, I was very astonished by the characters; they were unique and added a realistic feel to the story. The narrator’s actions do leave me questioning the plot though. Furthermore I would love it if the author could have given us more information about the narrator; however the story was a
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