'Through Education In Mariama Ba's So Long A Letter'

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THROUGH EDUCATION WOMEN TRIUMPH AND STAND TALL IN THEIR SEVERAL EXPERIENCES In the novel So Long A Letter, Mariama Ba underlines the importance of education in our lives through various instances she gives. Through her characters, Ramatoulaye and Aissatou, she effectively depicts how education can help a person (woman in this context) in shaping a broader perspective towards life and approach a situation rationally with an open mind. In doing so, people will be able to think and analyze their situations and hence become better human beings. In this compelling novel, we experience how education can aid in understanding a situation comprehensively and hence help in coping with it in a better way. “Books
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She also became aware of the harsh reality of high rates of infant mortality as dicussed on page 50. The line, “In the midst of life,…poverty,..ugliness, young Nabou would often triumph with her knowledge and experience.”(p 50) stands as an effective evidence to…show more content…
It is education that makes them do what they did. Education helped them to choose the option which they thought was correct. It was education that inspired Aissatou to create a better life for her. It was education that made Ramatoulaye take the tough call of taking care of her children by herself and refuse to take a lucrative offer made by Daouda Dieng in order to not to give up to the circumstance. It was education that made young Nabou a woman of substance and a person with a better thinking capability.It was the open mindedness brought on by education that made Ramatoulaye accept with great understanding her daughter’s pre marital pregnancy. As suggested by all the paradigms, education brings about a complete transformation in a person’s opinions, personality, perspective and decision making abilites. It is what gives them the courage to follow the untrodden path. The novel is a reflection of the emanscipation and empowerement of the author herself that came about as a result of education. Through her novel, Ba depicts that to succeed in life, women ought to identify themselves, have faith in their own abilities and overcome the multiple challenge of life through the gift of
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