So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs From America Analysis

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“So Mexicans are Taking Jobs from Americans” by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Are Mexicans really taking jobs away from Americans? This is a question that is causing controversy in today's workforce of the United States. Jimmy Santiago Baca a Mexican poet wrote a poem title “So Mexicans are Taking Jobs from Americans” defending and shutting down the stereotype of the immigrants from Mexico that comes to find the American dream by working on the jobs that Americans do not want to get. However, Americans are misinterpreting holding resentment toward those immigrants because they believe that they are taking their jobs opportunities away. Is this really happening? No, what Americans do not realize is that Mexicans are the only ones who works on the fills that no one wants to work on because usually is paid less.
At the beginning of the poem, Baca says “O Yes? Do they come on horses / with rifles, and say, / Ese gringo, gimme your job?” (lines 1-3). These lines represent in a sarcastic manner the American stereotype of Mexicans toward the idea of them taking their jobs opportunities away. He continues by explaining what is the real truth about this controversy “Below that cool green sea of money, / millions and millions of
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He uses many literary elements to creates a more interesting and realistic reading. For example, some examples of imagery are: “crawls turtle heavy”, “ribs I see jutting out”, “search for pearls in the darkest depth of their dreams”, “cool green sea of money” and “the smell of a woman’s body bending all day long in the fields”. The tone of this poem is in a sarcastic way. While the poem goes on, we can see a tone shift as he becomes more serious. The reader can sense how angry the writer is. Also, Baca uses personification when it says “a tongue paddles”. Hyperbole is present when Baca says “a few people got all the money in the world, the rest count their pennies to buy bread and
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