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So much to tell you So much to tell you by John Marsden is a not very long book. The book consists of 150 pages, and is about a 14 year old girl named Mariana, who can’t speak after her father threw acid in her face. Her father didn't mean to hit her but her mother, but missed. This caused Mariana trauma and her living on a mental hospital for a while but then moved to a boarding school. This book isn’t written in a verbal way where Mariana talks to the people in the dorm, but in a way were she writes in a journal, which isn’t supposed to be read by anyone or presented. Mariana is incredible shy, shy isn’t actually the word, more like social anxiety. She can’t handle much pressure, which cause her to panic and run away many times throughout the book. The author really makes us know what it’s like to live mute and bewildered, and makes the reader feel sorry for her. The book has an exceptional turning point which gives the book sense and complete. The book was published by Fawcett Juniper in 1987 in New York. Mariana lives as mentioned earlier, in a dorm with other girls at her age. She gets treated mostly with respect but not always. Mariana don’t like living at the dorm because of all the drama they cause. She says every week,…show more content…
The book So much to tell you started off very boring, nothing really happened for a while until almost 50 pages into the book and even then it wasn't a big deal. The author writes about the feelings and thoughts of a scarred and hurting young girl, in a way of a diary. Every day she writes about what happened that day and thoughts and feelings. The journal she writes her whole life, but not everyday, instead of just not writing anything, Mariana writes something like: "No, not today" or "Today is not a good day". While other times she writes several pages. I think this book is very creative, because of the way the book is written and how the emotions

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