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When you wash your hands how much soap do you use? If you just gave your dog a bath, or you just cleaned the bathroom. Does your instinct tell you to use more soap? Well in my science fair project I tried out if using more soap actually removes more germs/Bacteria. My hypothesis was that the amount of soap you use does not affect the amount of germs/bacteria on your hands.
The product of Glo Germ I used was not a very good quality so i got some mixed results, but they still worked. I also could not tell how much glo germ I put on my hands each time, which will give me results that might not make sense. sometimes I had more and sometimes I had less, in the future I would try to measure how much product I use. Also I would put more reaserch into the product of glo germ I use. Because I did not get a great product, it was kind of like lotion and washed off very easily. In addition I would also time how long I scrubbed, because time also affects how many germs are removed.

Lastly my hypothesis
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I assume by my results that using more soap will not affect how many germs are removed, because when you get to a sertain point when the one layer of soap covers your hands when you put more layers it is harder to get all of the layers of soap to actually come into contact with your hands. But it is possible that if you use more soap and scrub with lots of friction you will get all of the new layers of soap in contact with your hands. You could also use just two or three pumps and then rinse it off and reapeat it, that will defidently remove more germs. I also assumed that antibacterial soap would give better results because it is filled with active microbial inredients which would remove more germs, but if you used normal soap and had more friction you would get the same relults as if you used antibacterial soap and washed with not much friction.

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