Sober Song Barton Sutter Analysis

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“Sober Song” by Barton Sutter is arranged as a free verse poem with a rhyme scheme pattern within every other line. This poem describes a man saying his goodbyes to the memories he has had with alcohol. The poem’s beat and rhythm reminds the reader of a broken love song to the liquor that had once taken over his life.

In lines in 1 through 4, we have a special pattern displayed not only in these lines, but throughout the entire poem. The rhythm goes back and forth with 9 beats in the first line, then 8 beats in the second line. Within lines 1-4, the reader is introduced to a rhyme scheme as well. The 1st and 3rd lines rhyme, as well as the 2nd and 4th lines rhyming together. In the first chunk, Barton Sutter uses many nouns that have to do with the sky. Some examples include “starlight, sunshine, and moonlight(line 5.)” I think the speaker used these nouns to metaphorically describe the different memories he possess with the different kinds of alcohol. “The starlight in whiskey,” makes the reader think about the
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The speaker used many familiar phrases that have to do with departure. Such as, “farewell, so long, goodnight, adieu, bye-bye, and ta-ta.” All of these are used because the speaker is saying his goodbyes to the alcohol that was once dominant in his life. The speaker also uses many names of alcoholic beverages. “Whiskey, beer, booze, brandy, wine, vodka, gin, rum, and vermouth.” He included these names to emphasize the fact that he was possibly an alcoholic or maybe slightly addicted in the past to these beverages.
Barton Sutter enlightens the reader with a “new birth”. Those who have had the terrible effects of alcohol upon their lives are represented within this drinking song that sings. The speaker delivers the message of a goodbye to the old, messy memories that once dominated his life, and a hello to the new, refreshed, and clean life that the speaker can now
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