Sobibor Argumentative Essay

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Sobibor was a concentration camp that killed millions of people. The concentration camps would make people work, only eat a little food because they never had enough food for everyone to eat.So when they worked they would lose a lot of energy and eventually die. They would die of starvation or they would die of the gas chamber.There were a lot of people who were being killed and they were shot to death. The sobs or camp killed a lot of people and they shot the Jews for no reason and there were being shot. The nazi would let the People live if they paid the nazi to alive. t
The Jews would try and cut the fence to get out and to get people to come In. If they ran they would be killed.The nazi's would make the Jews dig a big hole then when it was big enough for a body to fit in it they would shoot the Jews.

The where 200,000 people murdered possibly more at a place called the postwar trail.On October,14,1943
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The Jews broke the fence I escape the death camp.All of the Jews knew they weren't gonna make it out alive so they tried to escape because they didn't wantto die.So the Jews knew the best way to stay alive was to escape but only a few made it.Most of the Jew would eat all the rotten food because sometimes that's all the food they get.

There were 250,000 men,women killed from the Sobibor.There was only 88 people that survived it alive.Then probably after they survived they probably died of the lack of hunger or a disease they got.The nazis would hide all the bodies under ground for they can get rid of the evidence.If the nazis never hid the evidence they would of gone to jail.

The Jews in Sobibor camp where being forced to take out all the bodied in the gas chamber. The Jew were responsible for hiding all the bodies. The Jew buried all the people that was in the gas chamber.The Jews that were sick and had to go to the hospital where atomically shot and killed.The amount of Jews that were killed was 1.5
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